Tips on Tipping

Tips on Tipping During a Tour or Trek

We do not require our customers to tip. However, Peru is a tipping country and tips are customary for most services, including: private drivers, hotel staff, restaurants, etc.

Tips are also common for the incredible people who make your tour/trek possible. For a day-tour around Cusco this may only include your driver and your guide. For a multi-day trek it takes a lot of people to provide an unforgettable trip! Depending on the size of your group and which trek you do, our staff may include: porters, horsemen, a professional chef, an assistant chef, assistant guide(s) and your lead guide!

You will be absolutely amazed at how hard your trek team works to ensure that you have a memorable, comfortable and safe trip. And while we compensate our employees well, tips provided from our clients go a long way to help our staff of local Peruvians feed their families and work towards economic independence.

The amount of your tip should reflect the level of service you received. However, typical amounts are found below (amounts are in U.S. Dollars and per client):


  • Driver: $2-5 (6-16 Soles)
  • Guide: $5-10 (16-30 Soles)
  • Total: $7-15 (23-50 Soles)

Multi-day Trek:

  • Porters, Assistant Chef & Horsemen: $20-30 (65-100 Soles). We will collect a “pot” of tips for the assistant chef, the porters & horsemen during the last dinner of the trek. After we collect the tips from the group we gather all of our support staff and you will personally distribute the tips to the staff as a display of gratitude and appreciation.
  • Head Chef: $10-20 (30-65 Soles)
  • Assistant Guide: $10-20 (30-65 Soles). You will tip the guide directly on your own after the trek.
  • Lead Guide: $20-30 (65-100 Soles). You will also tip the lead guide directly.
  • Total: $60-100 (200-330 Soles)

If you are planning to tip your crew after a trek you will need to bring cash with you on the trail. Either Peruvian Soles or U.S. Dollars is perfectly acceptable.

Again, tips are not required, but are common and incredibly beneficial for our staff. Kusa Treks is a locally owned company and we take pride in our staff. Each member of our staff is local to the Cusco region of Peru and they will take great care of you while you are with us.

Staff at Tipping Ceremony.2.png