Most ethical trips to Machu Picchu
In everything we do, our team incorporates the universal principle of tourism -- protect the environment and give back to the local community. To this end, we hire and train local staff that understand and respect the places we will travel and the people we will meet.
Conserving the Environment
The beauty and diversity of Peru is awe-inspiring. We want to keep it that way.
  • We have a "pack out what you pack in" policy that must be respected by all of our employees
  • We use clean burning fuel to cook the meals on our treks
  • We ensure local water is kept clean by never allowing pollutants to enter streams or springs
  • We limit deforestation - we do not make open fires and discourage others from doing so
  • We avoid activities which threaten wildlife or which may potentially damage our environment
  • We use locally sourced, organic ingredients in all of our meals
Helping the Local Community
We want the benefits of tourism to profit as many communities as possible. Therefore, Kusa Treks hires employees from indigenous villages, which facilitates a higher standard of living and creates better jobs for our employees who may not otherwise have the opportunity to provide for their families. Some of our hiring practices include:
  • Employing local staff and paying them fair living wages
  • Ensuring our staff members are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve
  • Using locally-owned transportation and accommodations 
Your Responsibility
Tourism is the biggest industry in Cusco and you, the tourist, can ensure that it impacts our community in a positive way...
  • Read about the culture and the people before you visit
  • Learn some Spanish! Your efforts to communicate with the locals will be warmly welcomed 
  • Eat local! Taste what Cusco has to offer and help the local economy
  • Negotiate at the market, remember a small difference in price for you, is likely a big one for the seller
  • Ask permission before you photograph local people
  • Respect local traditions and holy places
  • Remember that lifestyle choices, including the concept of time, are probably different than your own