Restaurant Recommendations For Cusco


If you are planning to visit Machu Picchu or a surrounding site, you will most likely end up staying in Cusco for a few days to acclimatize to the elevation and explore the great city to. It also happens to be a hotbed for incredible culinary experiences! We’ve compiled a variety of restaurants to fit the needs of various travelers, from experimental and adventurous to safe comfort-food, all of these suggestions are delicious and approved by our guides! Here is a map of all the options listed below and you can learn about other places to eat in Cusco from TripAdvisor.


Fine dining, Cusquena food with modern twists.

Price/plate: $15 – $25 USD (reservation recommended)

TripAdvisor – Google Maps – Chicha’s Site

This is the fanciest, and consequently, the most expensive restaurant on our list. The name “Chicha” comes from traditional Peruvian drink made from several varieties of corn. This restaurant is known for adding contemporary twists to classic Cusquena dishes. Chicha also serves various pasta dishes for those who’d like a less adventurous experience!

It is located in the smaller, yet quaint Plaza Regocijo in Cusco’s city center. The Plaza Regocijo is right off the main center of the city [La Plaza de Armas], the outdoor seating provided by the restaurant provides a serene and peaceful atmosphere. There is also seating on a second story balcony that allows incredible views of the shops and sprawling terracotta rooftops below.

Expect meals to run anywhere from $15-$30 USD (50-100 Soles), which includes dessert of course! Chicha takes pride in its dishes made from century old recipes that are comprised of local ingredients. At Chicha, the experience is just as important as the meal, so plan on the entire dinner taking 2-3 hours. You’ll want to make a reservation for this one.


Alpaca Steaks – better than you think.

Price/plate: $12 – $20 USD (reservation recommended)

TripAdvisor – Google Maps – Marcelo’s Site

Marcelo Batata is a hidden gem in Cusco, it’s a 5-10 minute walk from the city center, located off of a side street. Entering the restaurant requires that you pass a few other shops and climb a flight of stairs up to the restaurant entrance. We suggest booking the rooftop terrace, which provides stunning views of a bustling Cusco sprawled below. Another suggestion is to make reservations around sunset, from the rooftop terrace you’ll be able to witness the sun dip below the peaks of the Andes Mountains and bath the red terracotta roofs of Cusco in a beautiful fiery illuminance.

Marcelo Batata has 2 signature dishes: alpaca steak and a rack of lamb. Both dishes are incredible and almost warrant a trip to Cusco on their own! Enjoying a meal here is on the medium to high price range. The restaurant itself is not very large, so we would suggest make reservations ahead of time.

Take your time and enjoy a wonderful evening full of music, a lovely ambiance, great service and amazing food.


Guinea Pigs, a local delicacy…seriously.

Price/plate: $11 – $22 USD (reservation recommended)

TripAdvisor – Google Maps – KusiKuy’s Site

Kuy (Koi), or Guinea Pig, is a delicacy in Cusco. The Kuy and potato dish has long been a traditional meal found in the homes and restaurants in Peru. If you’re adventurous and want to try a dish you can’t get back home we highly suggest checking this place out! KusiKuy has other dishes as well for those who aren’t feeling too ambitious in their culinary exploits.
If you do choose to order the Guinea Pig, plan on waiting at least an hour for it to be prepared, you can call ahead before you arrive to put in an order and have the Kuy ready when you arrive. Once your Kuy is ready the staff will bring it out and teach you the proper way to eat it! They’ll also take your picture with your dish to provide you with an excellent souvenir to share with friends back home.
KusiKuy is a 10-minute walk from the La Plaza de Armas, which includes a walk up a large flight of stairs built by the Incas. It has a contemporary design in warm woods and has a beautiful interior courtyard with available seating. This is a great choice for adventurers looking to get a taste of a local delicacy.


This is our top pick for Authentic Cusco Cuisine.

Price/plate: $9 – $19

TripAdvisor – Google Maps – Deva’s Site

This is our top pick for Authentic Cusco Cuisine (comida authentica de Cusco)! Deva is a great restaurant to check out if you want a hearty Peruvian meal. The restaurant decor is inviting and festive. Everything from the main dining room to the bathrooms is tastefully decorated with actual Inca artifacts that help set an authentic and enjoyable ambiance.
Guests will be served generous portions of delicious quinoa, rice, potatoes and all the alpaca skewers you could want! Deva also offers an extensive list of Peruvian made wines that make an excellent companion to any meal shared here. Deva is the place to go for a filling Peruvian meal with delicious local wines. Bienvenidos!


Cuy al Horno (baked guinea pig) and Aji de Gallina (delicious classic Peruvian chicken dish)

Price/plate: $6 – $24

TripAdvisor – Google Maps

Located right in front of the Cathedral de San Blas, Pachapapa has an excellent piece of real estate in the Cusco city-center and is an great destination to find Peruvian dishes crafted for tourists. Pachapapa brings the colorful and vibrant atmosphere of Cusco inside! It’s colorfully decorated and has multiple options for outdoor seating, including spots inside their lovely enclosed courtyard.
Aside from traditional Peruvian dishes, there are also several “lighter” and tourist-friendly cuisine options to enjoy at Pachapapa including, pizzas and calzones for 23 Soles ($8.25 USD). If you’re feeling adventurous and want to get a more authentic taste of Cusco, be aware that the Peruvian dishes are a tad more expensive, their famous Roasted Cuy dish is 70 Soles ($24 USD).
This is one of the more pricey places to eat on our list, so we’d recommend making this your “fancy” night out. With its excellent location, world-class service and exciting ambiance Pachapapa is definitely a safe bet for a great night out in Cusco.


Pizza and Pasta

Price/plate: $12 – $20

TripAdvisor – Google Maps – La Bodega’s Site

This is a great destination for a group of friends that want to get a great meal and spend a night on the town. La Bodega 138 is an Italian restaurant that is a block and a half away from La Plaza de Armas, which is a great location in the middle of Cusco. The name, “La Bodega”, translates to “wine cellar”, and as the name would indicate, they’ve got a great selection of Italian and South American wines!
The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the restaurant is the incredible atmosphere, complete with hand-crafted wooden toys and street art on the walls. The staff at La Bodega 138 brings the service and charm of Italy to Cusco, each meal starts with a small basket of garlic bread and a dish of herb-infused olives.
With a vibrant and youthful atmosphere, La Bodega is a great place to meet up with friends, enjoy a glass of wine or two and take in the sights and sounds of Cusco. La Bodega has some of the best pizza and pasta in Cusco.


A little bit of everything – great all around choice

Price/plate: $10 – $20

TripAdvisor – Google Maps – Cicciolina’s Site

A great destination for a wonderful meal at any time of day. This is somewhat of a hidden gem, even though it’s centrally located next to the La Plaza de Armas. Cicciolina has a bit of something for everyone, with dishes ranging from classic Peruvian to Italian and even vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Interestingly, you’ll also find some of the best seafood in Cusco here.
Patrons looking for a meal, have a choice to make…if you’d like a more casual experience you can choose to walk in and take a seat at the bar where you’ll have a view of the open kitchen. If you’d like to make your dining experience a bit more intimate you can choose to pay 7 Soles ($2 USD) for a private, candle-lit table. For either option expect a lively and vibrant atmosphere that will have you smiling from ear to ear.