We are a licensed and permitted company

The Peruvian Government has a list of strict requirements that legally enable a company to perform tours to Machu Picchu and/or treks on the Inca Trail.

Some of these requirements include:
  • Locally owned & operated by Peruvian Citizens
  • Business must have a Peruvian tax ID and pay the appropriate annual taxes
  • Business must have an established nonprofit arm that benefits local communities. 
There are over 6,000 tour companies around the world that offer trips to Machu Picchu. However, only ~140 of us (<1%) have the proper licenses and permits to facilitate the actual tour/trek.

This means that if you book with 99% of the tour agencies out there, you are booking with the middle-man who will then pay a licensed company (like ours) to perform your actual trek. So their prices are inflated.

When you book with Kusa Treks, you are dealing with the same people who will take you on the actual trek, which allows us to keep our prices way lower!