About Us

Your Trip Is Our Passion  

About Kusa Treks

Kusa Treks is a locally owned tour company that was started by Erik Bayona. Erik worked for over 15 years as a lead tour guide, taking people from all over the world on treks and tours to Machu Picchu.

He had always dreamed of starting his own tour company, so he used everything he learned as a guide to create a new company. In 2016 Erik met Michael and Preston, and together they created Kusa Treks.

3 Reasons

We started Kusa Treks for three reasons:
  • To provide a hassle-free booking experience along with unforgettable trips for our clients.
  • Hire and train local guides and provide our staff with living wages, healthy work conditions and a higher standard of living.
  • Give back to the communities of Peru and preserve the natural environment.
"Kusa" means "great" in the ancient Inca language, Quechua. We strive to do everything with greatness!

Our guides rock!

We have the best guides in the country!

Kusa Treks strives for greatness and this starts and ends with our people. All of our guides are locals to this region and studied tourism and/or archaeology. They are all fluent in English and are passionate about their work.

There is no better person to be on a trip with than a Kusa Treks guide, you will be in incredible hands.

With the combination of a dedicated customer service team in the U.S. and world class local tour guides in Peru, we are a company that is making a difference.